Welcome To Shonen Jump Central's Blog!! - NARUTO , POKÉMON , DIGIMON AND MORE!!
This Is Shonen Jump Central's advanced Blog and like this is the first post for those that don't understand how the process It's done I wanted to tell you people that the process It's just the same as if in a website, If you have any trouble just go ahead and contact us. 

How to make/create a blog posting?
Well, to make a blog post you just have to add news or just check what others have posted and shared. It is FREE and totally safe. But , we don't take the responsability if you click into someone's link and download a virus or other problems for your computer. We do check what users post and to check they don't upload anything risking the website or someone's computer. We erase any content that is rated (R) or if it is just for adults

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