5th Generation Game

The cover of the White version of  this new game Pokémon White and Black.
It is said that they've got the game naming from last versions but, is it really true? Would this game be the best apart from Pokémon Platinum , Heart Gold , and Soul Silver? Will this game be the 2011's best gaming in the United States? Well, let's check out the information of this pokémon Named
Zekrom , but that's on Japanese , we still don't have the name in English , but let's check out the information for This Legendary Pokémon.

Zekrom (ゼクロム)US Name: Zekrom
Jp. Name: Zekrom (ゼクロム)

Type: Dragon / Electric
Classification: Black Yin Pokémon
Height: 2.9m
Weight: 345kg
Ability: TeraVoltage

First Appearance:Pokémon Black & White

On May 28th, both the US and Japanese official sites revealed the two title legendary Pokémon for Pokémon Black & Pokémon White. This is one of those Pokémon. They did not reveal any further details.
Zekrom is the cover Pokémon for Pokémon White.